At some point, someone will say this to you. It is important for every author, writer, blogger, and artist to hear. Even at our best, we are our own worst enemies. We let doubt and confusion take over, let it creep into our hearts and fill our minds with a “knowledge” that we will never be good enough.

It’s a lie. All of that self-doubt and the feelings that make you curl up into a tiny ball at the keys staring blankly at a blinking cursor is just one big fat lie.

You are good enough. The words are already powerful and important, you just need to put them on paper. I’ve recently had a friend tell me this because I need to hear it. I feel like he sounds like a broken record at times but he persists, nonetheless, in giving me a verbal and virtual slap upside the head.

Consider this your verbal and virtual slap.

You can do this. WE believe in you.

Now get writing.

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