About Our Authors

Cathryn Leigh likes to experiment in different creative mediums. So far, sewing and writing are the successful ones. Of course, she must balance these with marital bliss, motherhood, and a full-time day job. She uses the skills she’s praised for at work (organized and thorough) to craft worlds for her writing, such as her short story “The Harvest Pageant,” and Love Lost, the first verse of her Alethea’s Lament series (planned release for November 2017). “Luison” however, is a tribute to her father’s Paraguayan upbringing. She even got to visit the mud house he grew up in when she was sixteen. Normally, Cathryn is scribbling stories of fantasy worlds and of stronger-than-they-think women inspired by her maternal New England heritage.

JC Rock is an IT professional from rural Virginia who has been writing on the side for more years than he would like to mention. He has several books available on Amazon and other retailers. When he’s not on the road for work, he’s usually fighting his four cats for the comfy chair. You can find out more about JC on his website at www.jcrockbooks. com and follow him on Twitter @jcrockbooks.

Karen Garvin has a master’s degree in history and works full time as a copy editor. She does freelance writing on a wide range of historical topics and is working on several novels and nonfiction projects. She is a Steampunk aficionado and avid Victorianist, with one foot in the nineteenth century and one in the twenty-first century. Forget the flying car; where’s her airship? Follow Karen on Twitter @ksgarvin and read her blog Focal Plane at http://ksgarvin.wordpress.com.

Michelle Schad is a short-story author and upcoming novelist. She has work appearing in Bards and Sages online fiction magazine and now in Corrugated Sky’s Black Dog anthology. When not entertaining others with words, she is a tamer of chaos created by her husband, four children, and too many pets. You can stay in touch via Twitter at @ChelleSchad.

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