All Those Pretty Boards

No, Pinterest is not just for recipes and crazy party ideas for your third child’s 7th birthday party in which there will be over twenty little ones running through your freshly polished house. It seems that way, though, doesn’t it?

Recipes and decoration ideas; crafty things that everyone pins but never does; fashion ideas for ridiculously overpriced outfits or home decor that can all be done with the clever placement of twine and Popsicle sticks. These are all the things that pervade Pinterest and turn it into a sea of dreams for housewives that, somehow, seem to find an extra minute in their spare time of chaotic care taking to make faux lace curtains from coffee filters.

Well, I am here to quell that notion! It is not just for the insanely crafty or the bakers that are up at midnight making banana nut pancakes from scratch (I’m looking at you, dear friend of mine. She knows who she is.) Pinterest is an amazing tool for writers to utilize. There are boards that have tips on editing or some good ideas that may inspire your next horror villain. Or, rather than following the boards of others (and there are tons, let me tell you), make your own! Find the articles that help you, that inspire you – build one for your current piece of work like I do.

Example: I have a board for Heart of the Matter – a steampunk short story that will be featured in the upcoming anthology. It has images that help me visualize the characters or the setting; the props and trinkets that are used or the little automatons that roam about. I find quotes that speak to me from the point of view of a character and pin it, pieces of art, outfits – anything that inspired me for that particular story. If ever I found myself stuck or in need of a boost, I looked at the Pinterest board; just pulled it up on my second screen and left it there while I let my fingers fly.

Nothing is silly on Pinterest. Ok, no, that’s a lie. There are lots of silly things on Pinterest, but we’re narrowing our focus to inspiration and advice. Read what others have done, follow their boards to see what inspires them. If you make a board for your current piece of fiction (or non-fiction) you don’t even have to make it public. Hide it until you’re ready to let the world see if; IF you want the world to see it at all. I have quite a few of those but they still help nonetheless even in their secret hidey holes.

But, then, how does one avoid the temptation to follow the endless rabbit hole or suddenly start looking at tasty desserts?


And, it helps to have a snack with you while you’re doing this. No drink though – that’ll make you get up to go get one later and pull you from the rabbit hole.


Happy Friday, everyone!

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