C L Bauer



C.L. Bauer began her writing career in her teenage years doing sports reporting. Writing began to be a passion in high school at St. Teresa's Academy. After graduating from Drury University, she wrote in any and all mediums she could find, including public relations and all forms of advertising.

Eventually, she took over ownership of her family's wedding flower business. In its over 100 years in the Kansas City community, Clara's Flowers has been presented many "Best Of", "Couples' Choice" and "Legacy" awards from several wedding websites.

She lives in her hometown, close to family and friends, and those great clients who have provided endless inspiration over the years.

Please visit her on social media and on the web at www.clbauer.com. You can also spy some of her floral work at www.clarasflowers.com.


The Poppy Drop is her debut novel, now available in print and ebook format. It is the first in a series of mystery novels. The two sequels in the series, The Hibiscus Heist and The Tulip Terror are also availabe in both print and ebook formats. Take a look at what Lily has been up to!