Cathryn Leigh



Cathryn Leigh likes to experiment in different creative mediums. So far, sewing and writing are the successful ones. Of course, she must balance these with marital bliss, motherhood, and a full-time day job. She uses the skills she’s praised for at work (organized and thorough) to craft worlds for her writing, such as her short story “The Harvest Pageant,” and Love Lost, the first verse of her Alethea’s Lament series.

“Luison” however, is a tribute to her father’s Paraguayan upbringing. She even got to visit the mud house he grew up in when she was sixteen.

Normally, Cathryn is scribbling stories of fantasy worlds and of stronger-than-they-think women inspired by her maternal New England heritage.


Cathryn has stories in the anthologies 'Tales of the Black Dog', and 'Smoke & Steam'.

Her debut novel 'Althea's Lament' will arrive in 2019.