If you ever wonder what an author looks like after racing towards a looming deadline, allow us to draw your attention to our friend at the left.


It’s ok, take a look, we’ll wait.


It’s not very becoming, is it? Yet, it happens. Much like any other job, writers have to meet deadlines and goals, produce substance for the publishing house to use. If there is no substance, then there is no book. And, much like other employees, writers have a terrible, terrible habit of excess procrastination.


Perhaps it is their full-time job interfering as many writers do not make enough to quit their day job. It is simply a reality of the work; unless you happen to be incredibly lucky, day jobs are required to pay the bills while the words help supplement. Family time intrudes on writing time, things come up, illnesses, or the dreaded Writer’s Block rears its ugly head to torment the writer in question. For whatever reasons, the words are not written in a timely manner, but the deadlines don’t really care. They are the immoveable force waiting with a beating stick to issue unmitigated judgement upon the author.


Corrugated Sky has just hit that deadline for the 2018 Anthology.  The zombies have been called in to the office to display their talents, their spectacular groans, the settings in which they exist, their ability to infect the populace with proper grammar. Except, that’s not what we’re going to get at all because this is only Draft 01. There will be comments and the proverbial (or sometimes literal) red ink all over the page to give a zombies a run for their money on gore. Then, it will be sent back and our poor, exhausted author up there may just fall to pieces when they see what needs to be fixed in order to make it through to Draft 02 (which will, of course, have its own deadline).


It is a necessary evil of publishing. In a world of chaotic creativity, there must be order, otherwise, no one would have anything to read. What sort of sick, sad, dead world might that be like?? We’d rather not contemplate that wretched existence. Just know that we do not put the immoveable walls up to torment you, dear authors, it is to help guide you towards the ultimate goal of pretty covers and printed pages. Love your deadlines, they’re there to give you piece of mind, perhaps even a piece of our friend’s mind.


Cold as Death Zombie Anthology coming this Fall.

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