Happy 2019!

Happy New Year

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2019 has arrived!! Break out the bubbly, raise your glasses, eat those black-eyed peas, and make those new year resolutions!

Here at Corrugated Sky, we’re working on our own resolutions and new-year goals. We’ve got the typical things like eating healthier or being more active cuz, let us tell you, sitting around getting books written and formatted does nothing for a svelte waistline or particularly healthy eating habits. Cheezits and wine aren’t really ‘healthy’ even if they are the snack of choice for some of us.

Beyond the norm, however, there are plenty of fun things going down at Corrugated Sky! We are entering year three of our tiny but mighty little publishing company and we’re excited to be bringing some awesome things your way.

Upcoming Titles

We’ve got more new romantic fun on the horizon from our author C.L. Bauer and her Lily List Mystery series coming to you in 2019. Lily’s world is expanding and so are the troubles she gets into so make sure you keep an eye on what’s going on in the world of flowers and mysteries.

We have a new anthology hitting the virtual shelves in February. Cold as Death features everyone’s most-loved urban legend and shuffling monster – the zombie! There are four new takes on this brain-munching creature that we hope will have you thoroughly entertained.

We will also be introducing a new author to our midst and a handful of new titles that vary from B-Flick horror to high fantasy and everything in between!


Most excitingly for 2019, Corrugated Sky will now be open to outside submissions! We will be taking on full-length novels on a case by case basis plus adding to our short-story repertoire by opening up this year’s anthology submissions to new and seasoned authors alike. Keep an eye on our submissions page for more details and submission dates. We would love to have you as part of the Corrugated Sky family!

Wishes for a Great Year

No matter where 2018 may have left you, we hope that 2019 takes you to new heights, challenges you to reach for greater lengths, and takes you on wild adventures through your imagination. Anything is possible if you just believe.

From our tiny family to yours – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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