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With a lot of the world taking shelter at home because of Covid-19 concerns, we here at Corrugated Sky Publishing have decided to give back to the people that have been so important to us the last few years. As such, over the next month or so, we are having free promos of most of our books to help keep you entertained. First up is the Lily List cozy mystery series by CL Bauer.

Starting tomorow, March 24th, author CL Bauer’s debut book The Poppy Drop will be going for free for 5 days, followed by the 2nd in the series, The Hibiscus Heist. After that, the newest in the series, The Tulip Terror, will go to a reduced rate and slowly count up to its normal price after 7 days. Here is the schedule of when each book will be on sale.

The Poppy Drop: Free March 24th – March 28th
The Hibiscus Heist: Free March 30th – April 3rd
The Tulip Terror: April 4th – available for .99
April 5th – for 1.99
April 7th – for 2.99
April 9th – for 3.99
April 10th it returns to normal price.

We hope you enjoy the Lily List series, and stay tuned for the 4th book in the series.
Keep an eye out here for other promotions on the rest of our books.
And as always, thank you for supporting Corrugated Sky Publishing!

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