More Weekend, More Words! Right?

 Of COURSE a long weekend means more words!! Naturally! Every single writer in the world sits down to keys (or notebook) on a long weekend and says these words:

“I will get this done!”

Do you know what happens next?

Nothing. Not one, blessed, thing.

Much like everything else in life – and despite what many might say – writing is hard. It’s mentally, sometimes emotionally and, potentially, physically exhausting. There are the writers that pace while they plot or stand while writing – that hurts your feet after a while. Manipulating the lives of fictional characters is taxing on the brain and the heart. Many writers have a full time job in addition to their “hobby” (and let us not get into that ridiculous statement) or tend to a small brood of mini-humans, or corral four-legged cuddle beasts during the week. The weekends become time for decompression and a good chunk of time to write but on the long weekends like it is here in the US, there seems to be an excuse to simply forget about responsibility and actually relax.

Writing is no different. There are times that we try and try and try and then, ultimately, the brain literally gives us the middle finger and shuts down entirely. It demands Netflix binge-watching sessions with a bag of Oreos instead of two hours at keys. It wants the satisfaction of a really crappy romance novel to appease your guilty pleasures or the wild adventures of a space epic to refresh your imagination. Maybe it wants none of these things and just says ‘sleep’, so you do. These are not things to feel guilty over, dear writers. These are necessary things for sanity and health, for the continued survival of your fictional loves.

Enjoy the break, understand that it is necessary, and, when Tuesday comes along, you will face that job (whatever it may be) and those words head on with new vigor and a sassy attitude (cuz everyone needs a little sass sometimes).

Happy Long Weekend, writers.

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