Mystery in Bloom at Corrugated Sky!

As the season turns, most people are now looking towards the leaves, watching their colors turn and fall, the flowers wilt away, the grass… well, that continues to grow because where we’re at it simply will not stop raining but, the point is, there are signs of Fall all around. It’s time to get cozy, settle in with a good book, some hot tea, and watch the weather drive us mad until the snow hits. So, what’s blooming?

The answer: we are!

C.L. Bauer, owner of Clara's Flowers and author of The Poppy Drop.Corrugated Sky is proud to introduce a brand new author to our tiny publishing house. C.L. Bauer comes to us from Kansas City, Missouri, in a little corner of the world known as Clara’s Flowers. Now, she has joined up with Corrugated Sky Publishing to jump into the literary world with her debut  novel, The Poppy Drop: A Lily List Mystery. 

Everyone dreams of success, of security, of ‘normal’. What Lily Schmidt gets in The Poppy Drop is the entire opposite of normal. Instead of normal, she gets a bunch of dead hydrangeas, a federal agent that is too handsome for his own good, and a whole lot of chaos in her world of blossoms and blooms. The mystery held inside is a fast-paced, witty whirlwind that we are excited to share with the world at large.

Beware, folks, cuz Lily’s got her lists and this is only the beginning! Ms. Bauer has informed us that this is not the end for her intrepid florist or the world in which she lives. So, please join us in welcoming her into our midst, sending her off on an exciting new journey!Cover art featuring flowers found in the book.

Look for The Poppy Drop on our website, or through Amazon, available now in print and digital. Plus, don’t forget to follow our new author on Facebook.


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