New Release – Insurgence

Our newest anthology is finished and ready for purchase!

Insurgence: A Fae Rebellion
These 14 stories of the fae are wild and varied. From mischief-makers to baby takers, their supernatural abilities enthrall us.
But what if they were real, waiting and calculating a time to take back the world that was once theirs? Would they do it peacefully, or take over violently? Would humans even notice?
Dive into this anthology and explore the myriad possibilities of what a fae insurgence just might be like.

From authors Christopher Bond, CJ Carter-Stephenson, Lindsey Duncan, Karen Garvin, Cathryn Leigh, Jonathon Mast, Mike Morgan, Richard Pulfer, AJ Rocca, Noa Rose, Jonathan Shipley, K Shelby Tench, DJ Tyrer, and Nicole Walsh.

It’s available here in print and digital version and is available for free with the Kindle Unlimited program.

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