Reviews! Sooooo Important! For real, though.

First, I would like to start off by saying Winter Storm Riley was the suck. Yes, that is terribly improper English and, as a publisher, author, editor, and general writer, there are little parts of me that are dying right now as I write that out, but I am trying to be kind in my vernacular. It was worse than ‘the suck’ but that’s better than what I want to say. Some of us at Corrugated Sky suffered some major power outages, a few felled trees, and general discomfort. What’s worse, we are now bracing for Winter Storm Quinn to come barreling through with either snow (for those of us in the northern regions) or freezing rain and more wind. The true joy of Mother Nature.


However, complaints about Mother Nature aside, it is a perfect lead in to today’s topic: reviews!


As I have just demonstrated, a review can be done on just about any topic, including our most unfortunate weather patterns. However, in the publishing world, reviews mean sales! The more a book is reviewed, the more it is seen and, thus purchased. Yes, even bad reviews can lead to purchases because everyone wants to know what is so awful about Book X verses Book Y. What matters most is that a review is given.


But, where do you post these reviews?


Well, Amazon is one. Most books are purchased from either Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Books a’Million these days. Each has their own little spot for you to leave a review of the book (or product) that you’ve recently purchased. Even Target and Wal-Mart have started doing this which means, any books purchased there can also be reviewed on their site. Goodreads is another great place to leave book reviews. Many people gather at that particular site for recommendations or to keep track of things they’ve read. Authors regularly watch their works through Goodreads and connect to their readers that way. Personal blogs are also a great way to review books along with a link back to the work in question, especially if you have a good reader base. Social media gets the word out as well. And, while quick reviews on social media are not generally ‘counted’ it works as a form of word-of-mouth discussion about a book. Things spread quickly on social media, so if a book is well received it is discussed a great deal. If it’s a terrible piece of literature, it is discussed at length until the book has gone down in meme history but everyone certainly knows about it!


The point is that it is not just the purchase of the book (though every author and publisher certainly appreciates that!) that matters, but also your thoughts on it. So, do your favorite authors a favor and make sure you pen that review next time you finish the final page of your book.

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