Self-Publishing Services

While we would love to have you submit your work to us for possible publication, we understand that some people would rather be a DiY'er. For those that would like a bit more control, we offer various publishing services. From editing to formatting, we offer a little bit of everything to help fill in the gaps to help you get the most out of your manuscript.

The following services are currently available through Corrugated Sky:

Copy Editing: 5.00 per page
This is the technical kind of editing. We will review your manuscript line by line, looking for errors in punctuation, capitalization, and any other style rules.

Content Editing: 8.00 per page
We look at your manuscript as a whole. Think big picture here. We consider everything from pacing to characters, tense, plots & sub-plots, even dialogue. Is anything out of order, do the characters seem lackluster, is there a hole in the story-telling? We help catch all of that and help you make your manuscript the best it can be.

Print Formatting: 300.00 & up
We will create print-ready files for uploading to Amazon, Ingram and others. Format, size and special features will impact the price.

E-Book Formatting: 150.00 & up
We will create an epub from your word, odt, or pdf that's ready to upload to Amazon and other sites.
Prices start at 150.00 for a basic epub, and go up if embedded fonts or any kind of special formatting is needed. Let us know your needs and we will quote you the best price possible.

Cover Design:
Cover design is a subjective thing, and as such a base price cannot be set in stone. If you want us to help with the cover, just send us an email and let us know what you have in mind and we will work up a quote that best fits your individual needs.

Give a brief description of what you need and we will get back to within 24 hours.