Spring Updates (Like Spring Cleaning But Better!)

As the weekend flits away in a mere memory of it’s green glory, the staff at Corrugated Sky looks forward to the future and all that that holds. Spring is, after all, a time for rebirth and renewal, for things to blossom despite the snow we’re getting in the MD/VA area in which we operate. The past two years have been slow to ramp up, learning curves, if you will. Everyone has them. Well, we have learned, and now we’re ready to tackle the written world head-on.


Our two current titles Tales of the Black Dog and Smoke and Steam are both anthologies currently available through Amazon in eBook or print format. We just recently ended our  big promo of Smoke and Steam. Now, it is time to move on to greener pastures.


This year’s anthology will feature everyone’s favorite topic: ZOMBIES! The undead will be seen in new lights, shambling along to virtual bookshelves this September. Additionally there are plans in the works to create a theme journal similar to Wreck This Journal for the coming seasons, in order to help clear those cobwebs whenever they might creep in to steal a writer’s creativity. First runner up is planned for this summer.


This year, we will also be featuring solo novels by our various authors.


Seacombe written by Karen Garvin coming April 2018:


When a fire destroys his home and business, Thomas Ashton is shattered to learn that his fiancée was killed in the inferno. The police want him for questioning, and faced with a prison sentence — or worse, the hangman’s noose — Tom flees London for the relative safety of a job on Seacombe Island.
Life on Seacombe seems monotonous, but secrets abound. Instead of the anonymity he craves, Tom is quickly swept up into a web of deceit involving smugglers, government agents, and a volatile organic energy source refined from the island’s native Hekate orchid.
After being poisoned by a chance encounter with a Hekate orchid, Tom is recruited to help keep an eye on the smugglers. Along the way, Tom finds out some things about his old friends that he’d rather not know.
But when his new friends are attacked one by one, Tom realizes he must get off Seacombe Island before he becomes the next victim.


Hellfire written by Michelle Schad coming April 2018:


For many, the United States is a land of opportunity and new beginnings – unless you happen to be ‘different’ from everyone else.  Hadi Shahir is one of those people, different in more ways than one. Hadi can manipulate fire; he is ‘Evolved’. All he wants is a new life and new adventures in this land of opportunity. His dreams become endless nightmares, however, that begin with an inexplicable hate crime that leaves the young man traumatized and untrusting of the world around him. A chance encounter with a pretty face cracks that shell, showing him that not everyone in Chicago is out to get him until a rash of violent, deadly fires breaks out around the city.

Suddenly, all eyes focus on Hadi when too many coincidences bring his abilities to the forefront. In a matter of moments, Hadi jumps to the top of the AEC’s most-wanted list. His quiet life as a bartender quickly turns into a tangled mess of chaos, lies, and murder that drag the entire city of Chicago down in flames with the remnants of Hadi’s ruined life.


Trinket written by JC Rock coming December 2018


And, while it’s all well and good to read about these things, these updates that we’ve got going on, it is much better to see them. Humans are visual creatures. So, we’re adapting. You may now find our updates, tips, and inspirations on Pinterest. Be sure to follow and check back often as we fill our boards with all things pin-able. You may even see a few of our go-to drinks and meals to help those days when the words need that extra push.



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