Tales of the Black Dog

Tales of the Black Dog: A Horror Anthology

Sightings of black dogs go back for centuries and are found in the folklore of many cultures from around the world. In some legends the dogs are harbingers of death, while in others they are protectors. These four short stories provide a modern take on an ancient legend.

Luison - Wiliam is proud of being half Mexican and half Guarani, but his small-town classmates harp on his gringo name. So when the chance to prove his worth comes on All Hallows Eve, Wiliam has no choice but to take it.

Carolina - Days before her 100th birthday, witch-woman Carolina gets a visit from an old friend. The black dog is a reminder of what she has had to do to get this far. Now, it asks a price too terrible to pay.

Inn of the Black Dog - When Raymond and Meghan check in to the Inn of the Black Dog, they get more than they bargained for. The townsfolk have a secret, and they've got their eyes locked on Meghan, who gets swept up into the ancient curse that can have only one ending.

Black Dog Asylum - There is darkness and evil in the world--more than anyone could possibly imagine. Ava fights the terrors that plague her under the guise of mental illness because she knows the real truth: knows that real evil exists and it is haunting the halls of Holy Trinity Psychiatric Hospital, reaping the souls of the innocent to feed the souls of the damned.

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