The Day of Saint Valentine

Valentine’s Day originated a long, long time ago when people still held feast days for their Saints and religious patrons. This one in particular was for Saint Valentinus (two of them, in fact) in celebration of love and romance. Much like every other commercialized holiday, it has now become a festival of pinks and reds, chocolate, and giant stuffed bears. And, let us not forget the sacrifices made by the poor floors that die horrible suffocating deaths inside vases that are too small and inadequately watered for their continued survival. Rest in peace, pretty flowers.


So, what does this day of frills and pinks have to do with writing?


Nothing, but I just spun a lovely tale of woe on behalf of the flowers that will probably make you think twice before picking up that bouquet of little buds from your local grocery store tomorrow. Holidays have notoriously been used as plot devices. Everything from steamy romance all the way to blood-curdling horror have built their plots and characters around this one holiday in particular, rivaling Christmas for it’s popularity as the holiday to write about. Poor Halloween pales in comparison and Thanksgiving! We won’t even discuss poor, poor Thanksgiving.


However you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day – whether it is furiously scribbling your next best seller or indulging in some wine and Netflix with a loved one – we at Corrugated Sky wish you well.


Throw a little writing challenge into your current works and mention hearts, chocolates, and roses somewhere inside of it as tribute to Saint Valentinus and all that they represent.
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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