The Plague

We regret to inform you that the office of Corrugated Sky (which does not actually, physically exist) will be closed until further notice (also a lie, since we have no physical doors) due to a terrible case of the plague that has struck our employees (also false, we have 4 employees currently and not all of them are sick; I don’t think).



Of course we’re real, we just don’t have a brick and mortar office at our disposal. We’re innovators! We do our crap online and we like it! That just means germs cannot be spread as easily, dang it. It’s no fun when you can’t wipe your nose on your co-worker’s sleeve or blow out snot at a bajillion miles per hour in your boss’s direction. Takes all the fun out of life!


In all seriousness, this plague that has been afflicting folks around the US is pretty dire. Like, folks are dying and stuff. Flu shots: worthless. Drugs: useless. Thus, the plague survival list you see to your left. I’m a helper! I also want to know where to find my own personal space bubble because I seem to have lost mine somewhere between child 1 and full time existence in the world.


However, being as we are not a brick and mortar place of existence, I do not have the luxury of picking up my phone or going to my email and saying ‘Uhm, I has the plague, I will not be in today. Ciao.’ *sigh* Nope, innovation means that you work even when you feel like the rear end of a sweaty rhino sitting in dry mud. Words still need to be written (or edited), new anthologies planned, meetings coordinated, LIFE GOES ON!


Kinda sucks, don’t it?


Over in the land of Twitter they are trending #MotivationMonday. There’s all manner of pretty, motivational little pictures and posters flopping around like new baby birds taking to the sky. Here is our Monday Motivator: SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP! You’re a writer! No one is gonna do this #*!& for you! It’s like being a parent, but worse. Your words don’t make you ridiculous pictures with their paint-stained hands to ‘make you feel better’. They just mock you, staring from the screen with their little curves and dots. I see you, words!!


No, I’m not delirious (yet), just having a bit of fun at the expense of my drug-addled mind. They’re only partially working cuz the Plague is all-powerful. At least my tissues are soft.


Time to reschedule next month’s meeting. Until then, keep writing, writers! Show the Plague who’s really in charge.

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