Welcome to 2018!!

Yeah, I know, we’re a little late on the New Year celebrations. Like with most things, life intervenes the most during the holidays even for a publishing house. Whoops!


Anyway, the arbitrary turning of time allows us to reflect inward upon ourselves and really take stock of what is important; or something. Really it just makes us kick our own butts into some semblance of ‘shape’ even if it only lasts a week. Most people ‘resolve’ to diet, exercise more, be kind and other things of that nature. NOT US!!


No way, folks, we here at Corrugated Sky say to heck with New Year’s resolutions! Sort of. We like to call them ‘guidelines’ instead. This way, they are not as intimidating, not as ‘in-your-face’ as a resolution. Those tend to guilt you into doing what society claims is ‘right’. Guidelines just help you along the way.


So! What are the new guidelines for 2018? Allow me to elaborate for you…


  1. READ!! I cannot stress this enough as a guideline that should be followed always. For writers, editors, or anyone with half of an imagination, reading is SO important. Do it. Love it. Live it. Read all of the things, all of the time. Yeah, even the creepy news that keeps scrolling across our screens. That’s sort of important too but don’t let it drag you down. Read magazines and articles to better your craft, read to learn a new craft, read out of your genre and definitely read in your genre. Just read.
  2. WRITE!! No, you do not have to write perfect soliloquies every day but you do need to write something. You are a writer, after all, are you not? Or, at the very least, you pretend to be so on the good days. Well, even on the bad days, pick up a pen and jot down a few thoughts. That’s it. If you feel saucy enough to start a new piece of fiction or dive into new research for a master thesis, then do that too, but write every day. Something, anything, it all helps. True story.
  3. MOVE!! No, not locations. Don’t be sedentary. That’s bad. Writers are the worst at this cuz we tend to hold tightly to the ‘butt in chair’ motivation routine. Well, your bottom is not going to be very pleased if you abuse it. Nor will your legs be too happy if they are ignored. So get up and move every now and then; stretch, take a walk around the office or the house. Hell, if you’re really feeling fancy, take a walk outside! I know, I’m asking a lot, especially in the parts of the world that are stupidly frigid right now. But, if you can tolerate it, fresh air is important for the brain and overall well being. If it’s just too awful out there, skip around the office for a few minutes to get the blood flowing. Or jog to the coffee pot (though, please remember that water is also your friend). Write, edit, or blog standing up! Invest in a yoga ball instead of a frumpy desk chair. Whatever strikes your fancy, just remember to move around a little. Your bod will totally thank you.
  4. REST!! Oh, weren’t expecting that one, were ya? HA! Well, rest is just as important as anything else. We tend to lose sight of the need for a recharge, especially at the start of the new year. Everyone is ‘go, go, go’ with their resolutions and determination to do all of the things that they forget to stop and take a breath. Thus, the resolutions die before they even get started. So, rest. Take an hour just for you. Hide in the closet with a bag of cookies if you have to. Don’t read, don’t write, just be. Indulge in a movie, if you’d like or just sit in contemplative silence but let your brain (and body) recharge.

That’s it. Those are the guidelines for 2018. Nothing scary. Nothing too hard. Just four little guidelines to help make you a happier, healthier you.


Now get at it!! Words ain’t gonna write themselves!


Cheers all, and a very Happy New Year.

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