World Book Day (April 23, 2018)

Who doesn’t love books?? Today is the celebration of those compressed trees stained in ink and all of the stories they hold. World Book Day was first celebrated on this day in 1995 to promote reading, publishing, and copyright. Interesting fun fact about the date chosen: it is the birth and/or death of many prominent authors including Cirvantes and Shakespeare, both of whom died on the same date but not the same day in 1616. Go figure that one!


Still, as we celebrate all things literary and bookish, raise a cup of tea to those that toil at the keys or stain themselves with ink so that your imagination might grow. It is a labor of love that we share here at Corrugated Sky, bringing you two anthologies and two stand alone novels so far in our short tenure. Be sure to pick up your copies for #WorldBookDay

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